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Kyeema Ridge Allegretto

EEVV89 in 2019
Retired after 2022 Kidding season.

Allie - is the Daughter of Old Mountain Swift- Leigh the 1st doe to ever score a LA EEEE93, 2014 National's 2nd place (does 7yrs and older).


Kyeema Ridge Banjo Paterson LA EEE91, 


GCH AGS Dawnland Tabby's Halifax ++B,


SG AGS Old Mountain Farm Suddenly 2*M,


Allie has been scored 2 times improving the second time around. 1st 2016 VVVV 87, 2019 EEVV 89 unfortunately we couldn't get her scored in 2020 or 2021 due to Covid and hopefully we will get scored 2022.

A few of Allie's offspring

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